Posted by: karljfeller | October 15, 2010

Home from a 72 mile bike ride from Anthem, Az to Verde Valley…

On Wednesday, I rode my bike from Anthem, Az 72 miles to Verde Valley, where I got to speak to a group of students at Verde Valley Christian Church. In the first 10 miles, I got two flat tires. With strong head winds already slowing me down, I started to wonder if this ride was really the best idea. Couldn’t I have just driven up there? And yeah, I could’ve but I was challenged with what I’d be speaking on that night.

I knew I’d be challenging the students to use what they have to give into the lives of others. To make a difference with what they have. So many times at the first sign of a problem though we give up or back out of doing something to give into someone else’s life. I got back on my bike and kept riding. It was a challenging climb, but I was at Sunset Point before I knew it, where I saw a school bus on the side of the road overheated… should’ve taken a bike haha.

That night I had a good time hanging out with the students and then speaking to them at VVCC where my friend Matt Shires is the youth pastor. We wrote a song on the spot about a student in the group named Micah and his first crush… Then I got to tell them about the tour this summer and my ride that day. But the greatest part of the night was watching so many of them respond to what my challenge to them that night by committing to make a difference by ‘Giving’ to change someone else’s life. I asked them do what they could to give into someone else’s life. To step past just living life for themselves and do something for someone else.  Whether it was raising money like we did with the tour this summer, speaking words of life and hope to someone, or doing something to help someone out, we talked about practical ways that they could ‘give’ to impact their schools, their communities, their families. I’m glad I got back on my bike and kept riding… when you give, and don’t give up, you give others a chance to be inspired to make a difference too.


  1. congrats, karl! glad you and columbia made it!

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