Posted by: karljfeller | October 16, 2010

An update after the Ride:Well Tour… &life.

Ride:Well Tour

Before yesterdays post, the last time I updated my blog was the night I turned 29, over 2 months ago. We were one day from finishing the tour and so excited to reach such a huge goal as a team. That night a friend of mine and I were interviewed on how we felt, what we were thinking, and even expecting after the tour… Here’s a link to that video:


(If this is your first time reading my blog, and you want to read more about the tour, scroll down to some of my older posts, the first blog I started talking about the tour was posted on March 28th.)
The next day was amazing as we rode to the ocean in Myrtle Beach. The feeling of conquering the ride and making a difference in the world at the same time is unexplainable.

Here’s a link to a bunch of the pictures from our tour this summer on my facebook page.

The combined amount both our tour (Ride:Well Southern Tour) and the Pacific Coast Tour raised was just recently totaled at over $100,000 for Blood:Water Mission ( What an amazing amount! (for more info on Ride:Well Tours, click here:


A lot of my friends have been asking what I’ve been up to since I finished.
My challenge now, has been to continue to make a difference in peoples lives with my life. Whether in my own community or far away.

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been riding my bike as often as I can, I started working full time at East Valley Hospice (, I have been volunteering at the youth group at Desert Springs Church and doing what I can to make a difference in peoples lives that I come in contact with here in my community. (Like riding up to Verde Valley!)

Working at East Vally Hospice as their chaplain has put a very personal connection in serving people in my life. Hearing their stories, spending time talking, praying with them and counseling has enriched my life, even as I hope to enrich theirs. As I sit down with many of our patients, they are often at a point of need and are faced with what can be such a challenging time. The message I get to share with them is a message of Hope for their eternity… With our team at the Hospice, it’s been an honor to serve our patients and their families in the final months of their lives.

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