Posted by: karljfeller | June 7, 2011

First days of the Tour -a quick update!

Hey everyone, so here’s a try at a very short blog! Maybe I can keep ya up-to-date with short posts… Also, for up to the minute updates, I post pictures and what we’re doing throughout the day on twitter. You can see those posts on the right hand side of my blog (-if you’re viewing it at
Our team rode their first day on Sunday from Sammamish (Seattle) to Sultan, where we stayed in their middle school. Monday, we rode from Sultan, up and over Steven’s Pass (over 4000 feet of climbing). Here’s our picture at the top.

(I drove support that day)

Then at the end of the ride, we got to meet a bunch of the people from the church and tell them about the tour, and the Just+Hope Cause. Here’s our team with a bunch of the kids that our riders got to show our bikes to:

I will be riding today with the team to Coulee City, while Dustin drives support.

Ps on the way up to Steven’s Pass, we stopped at a place that Harry and the Henderson’s was filmed at, a childhood favorite movie of mine, how crazy is that!?

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