Posted by: karljfeller | August 1, 2011

The last day of the tour and my 30th Birthday

As I watch the sun rise over my 30th birthday in Metuchen, New Jersey, I look forward to riding to theocean at Breezy Point in New York City. Over mountains and valleys, through rain and sun scorched days, fighting headwinds and exhaustion, heat and unbearable cold, we have ridden. All this, to seek JUSTICE, to bring HOPE, to TEAR DOWN walls.

I think of people that will see that same sun rise on the other side of the world and I believe that this day, they will see it as a symbol of a new hope that is about to rise over their lives. I think of the young orphans cared for in Burma, the 13 year old girls in Indonesia that James Tan will be able to keep out of Human Trafficking circles. The women in China that the Eden house will help find restoration after years of prostitution. I also think of the Refugees forced from their villages in Burma that we will be sending food over 250,000 meals to.

This is why we ride. 9 riders from all over the United States, with one cause. One hope. Just+Hope. But to understand the victory, we must remember the journey, we must rewind and start back at the beginning. Thirty-three hundred miles earlier in Seattle, Washington where 9 riders began a journey to Seek Justice, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with our God.


Those were some thoughts from July 22, 2011. In the next couple weeks and even months, my goal is to tell that story, but also share stories of those we have been seeking Justice for in SE Asia.

Originally, I had great intentions of keeping everyone updated while I was out on the tour, but leading a tour proved too difficult to keep any regular blog updates coming. So this is my new attempt at telling the story of our journey.

We also spent time debriefing our team at the end of the tour. Challenging them and walking them through some ways to live -now changed lives, and how to continue this journey in their lives. One of these

challenges was to have them tell stories, journal about what they continue to learn from the tour. We talked about the importance of processing what God has been doing in our lives. The tour was so rich with experiences, lessons, stories, that this is just part of my processing of this trip and inviting each of you, into that experience. 

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