Posted by: karljfeller | June 15, 2012

The Mother Falcon does what the Mother Falcon wants.

Yesterday the Mother Falcon broke down 100 miles away from Seattle. Because the Mother Falcon does what the Mother Falcon wants, when the Mother Falcon wants. Luckily, we broke down right next to a gas station. Though the gas station was in site, a barbed wire fence and a ditch separated us from the gas station. We tried to fill the gas tank with repeated trips with a $15 one gallon gas can. But to do so, had to walk in 30 mph wind along the freeway to a break in the fence. 3 hours later, the gas didn’t help. We got the van towed to a local shop… which was closed.

We met a new friend who is a Marine, a Road Cyclist and a Roller Derby Ref. He went and got the fuel filter before the auto parts store closed and met us in the lot that we got towed to. The fuel filter didn’t help. 6 hours after the Mother Falcon broke down, we took our new friend to dinner and he let us stay at his house for the night.

This morning, we got to the car shop at 6:50 am and talked to the mechanic, he didn’t think he’d have time to fix it today. The auto parts store had a fuel pump and we contemplated trying to fix it ourselves. We stopped at a few other mechanics and found one that could fix it today. We pushed the Mother Falcon down the road to that shop with our new friend (and hero). In a pitiful effort to return the favor, we helped our new friend (KJ) take his garbage to the dump and move some couches for another new friend (Paul). Paul bought us breakfast. KJ had to go back to work so Paul let us hang out at his house, write this blog while waited for the van and yard sale hop across the street.

The van got finished about 3 pm and we are on our way to meet our team, who beat us to Seattle. (Thanks Matt Ward and Erin Perkins for helping welcome the team.) God definitely provides support in ways we least expect in the everyday. He is our very present help in time of need.

It also really goes to show you how important community is. Life is lived much better together, our stories are richer combined.

This has been the best leadership and team building exercise for leaders in Venture History.


  1. Wow!!! Love hearing how God not only provided someone to fix your vehicle.. But gave you new friends for a lifetime!!! Praying for blessings and safety!!! Have fun!

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