Posted by: karljfeller | June 21, 2012


We haven’t had a lot of Internet access other than my phone on the tour so I’ll be posting more blogs soon… Tomorrow we already ride into Portland!

l’ll be sharing some more pics and a funny video soon…
However, tonight after the team went to sleep I found myself sitting in an old Lutheran Church pew, with street lights illuminating the stained glass windows… Quiet moments like these seem to register so loudly in a world that makes so much noise. It was a good reminder to find moments of sanctuary in the midst of life’s noise.

A red candle burned in the front of the sanctuary reminding me God’s presence is always there.
What could happen if we all stopped a little more often, to breath in deep, no matter what challenges we face, and trust that God is right there with us, ready to journey the road ahead.

Also, here’s a quick pic from a cabin we stayed in on the beach Tuesday night and a picture I took during our ride on Wednesday of Lake Quinault.


  1. I love those moments when I just get to sit and be reminded how good He is to us.

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