Posted by: karljfeller | November 19, 2012

Ironman November 17, 2013 Here I Come!

Ironman November 17, 2013 Here I Come!

In an act of craziness, I stepped out and signed up for the Arizona Ironman early this morning before heading to work at East Valley Hospice.
Immediately after signing up, I realized, there was no turning back on this. I’ve got to get training.
What could happen if you stepped out and set a goal, made a commitment, did something today that would consistently effect the next year of your life.
Do it. Sign-up for that college class, learn how to scuba dive, walk across the street from your house to meet your neighbor, register for that race. Do something to MOVE forward.
It seems so hard and that’s why we put it off. Once you’ve committed, you’re one step closer.

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