Posted by: karljfeller | February 3, 2015

She is Beautiful.

I found a gray hair the other day. It wasn’t just gray actually, it was bright white. Some of my friends give me a hard time because I can’t figure out how to use snapchat sometimes, saying I’m too old. Getting old is not usually something anyone looks forward to. There’s always a new moisturizer, a new hair dye, a new surgery coming out to avoid looking older.

Just yesterday, my friend Anne Marie Miller  posted a picture of her grandmother’s hands. Her hands, marked by 90 years of a life filled with countless stories. Those marks can serve as reminders to slow down long enough to hear her story. You may never meet my friend Anne or her grandma, but if you take some time to sit down with someone over seventy years old in the next few days, I’ll bet you’ll learn something pretty amazing.

Working with patients at East Valley Hospice, I often have people ask me- “Why am I still here?” Maybe a family member or friend still needs to hear their story or gain some wisdom as they spend time with that individual. Maybe that patient can exhibit or even experience love with someone one last time before they are gone from this life. Don’t wait for that season though. Find someone, listen and learn from their story…

Maybe next time I won’t pull out that white hair….


  1. Always blessed to read your blog!

  2. I see we share a love of humanity. A love that gives special attention to those who have had the honor of growing old, it is a privilege not everyone receives and one that our society seems to take for granted. I loved this post. One of my favorite parts of working with older adults is their stories.

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