Posted by: karljfeller | February 10, 2015

Help him see…

Lincoln Motor Company sponsored a video by Diego Contreras called ‘Open Your Eyes’ that caught my attention recently. It tells the story of an elderly man who had lost his sight. His wife had passed away and his daughter had moved into the city to pursue her dream career. Now, on his seventieth birthday, his daughter has planned a surprise adventure with her father to all of the places that marked his childhood. Though his eyes could not see, she helped his heart see those places again, bringing back the hope and joy of the life he once knew.

As a chaplain at East Valley Hospice, I’ve spent most of my time with patients who are losing their lives to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. They once were able to make the best biscuits and gravy, dance the night away with their wife, or arrange the most beautiful of flowers. All that has changed as they now sit-up on their bed, barely able to talk, or shuffle their way through the living room, barely able to walk.

How do you connect with someone like that? Their way of showing and even receiving love has changed so much. Moments of peace, hope, joy may now come through sitting next to them, holding their hand, a simple smile, or a quiet lullaby as they drift off to sleep. Maybe their heart can see again as you play that favorite song they used to dance to, bring a beautiful flower for them to hold, or help them experience once more, the sunshine of a warm spring day.

Open Your Eyes from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.

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